About Us

Arktis Ltd have been supplying hardy, durable gear to some of the toughest military and special forces units around the world, for over thirty years. Some such cases have included the delivery of smocks to airstrips, literally onto the backs of soldiers whilst a transport aircraft waited for them to board.

Back in the 80s, we pioneered the original Waterproof Smocks & Hunting Coats made with our own design of Ripstop fabric. The fabric, now battle-proven, is still used by many specialists throughout the world, today. The cloth, with its mixture of durability and breathability, combined with an innovative waterproof finish, still can’t be beaten.
All of our garments lined in waterproof, tape-seamed ‘Drop Liner’ provide another layer of protection, meaning that even if the outer Ripstop is damaged, the wearer is still dry. Our concept of outer Ripstop and internally tape-seamed, Drop Liner is unique in the market.
Since our inception, we have prided ourselves in making our goods in the United Kingdom. Despite many other companies turning to overseas production, we have chosen to retain our manufacturing facility in Britain, which has allowed us to remain versatile and responsive. As testament to this, it is not uncommon for garments over 20 years old to come back to our factory for reproofing & repairs.
Central to the ArkAir project is the use of Special Forces camouflage designs and military grade fabrics, which, until now, have remained in airtight storage. These prints and smock designs are now offered exclusively to the ArkAir range.